Our Services

Every day we have countless chances to show someone how much we care. Funeral services or memorial services are deeply embedded in one's culture and unique history. They vary in traditions and reflect a vast array of values and beliefs. 

  • Traditional with visitation, service at church or funeral home, interment
  • Graveside service only
  • Cremation
  • Direct cremation with no viewing, service, and interment
  • Direct cremation, followed by memorial at church or funeral home
  • Direct cremation, followed by memorial service at church or funeral home, interment
  • Public visitation / viewing at funeral home, funeral service, cremation, and interment, if desired

Planning & Designing the Service

Selecting the type of funeral, whether it’s traditional or a more unique and personalized reflection and celebration of one's life, we offer many options along with personal guidance from one of our experienced funeral planners. We will help you to choose the service which best reflects your...

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Celebrating Life

Life celebration, funeral, memorial service. What’s the difference? In today’s modern and ever changing world what was once referred to only as a ‘Funeral’ is now known in many different ways . No matter what you choose to call it - it is an event honoring and celebrating a life.

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